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Want some free advice?



Yachtdoc is a unique experience made up of AV/IT-SATCOM engineers and ETO's from the yachting industry. We have dealt with numerous issues that arise from upgrades and choices surrounded by AV/IT. Using our vast array of knowledge and experience in this field we wanted to offer an alternative to, what we believe, is the outdated standard in practice today.


Here at Yachtdoc, it is our goal to fill the gap in the market and offer the absolute best guidance to choose and upgrade your AV/IT systems while simultaneously making your Yachtdoc experience accessible and easy to use. We are totally transparent and open with both the client and the integrator. We take away the burden, keep it simple but offer you the entire market share of AVIT equipment and systems, think of us like for superyacht AV / IT systems. Alternatively, we offer everything from AVIT support, project management to supplying 4G Data and TV subscriptions.

We are meticulous with whom we use and which products we advise on implementing. So take advantage of our in-house designed protocols and proven procedures in the following for AVIT:


  • site surveys

  • source multiple quotes

  • proposals breakdown

  • project management

  • solutions & support

  • internet optimisation  

  • GSM data sim cards 

  • TV subscriptions

  • commissioning




You have nothing to lose by contacting us and receiving some free advice. So get in touch today. 




No Stress

  • 10 years as superyacht AV / IT technical crew

People like you

Success !

  • we source you multiple quotes

  • 18 years as marine        AV & IT Engineers

  • you decide on which quote suits your needs

  • we wanted to make a difference to help people like us

  • we learn what your project needs

  • only then we will start the process

  • we advise  you

               for free

Why would you hire us?

How can we help you?

  • executed to our standards

  • we don't actually cost that much call and ask our team

  • we actually worked and lived onboard  superyachts for years

  • proven protocols

  • it's our business to know how much things cost

  • get it right first time

  • small company with little to no overheads 


save money




  • communication is key to a successful project

  • we aim to be the project glue

  • this is often overlooked

thinking outside the box


the AV / IT home


  • we don't just replace for the latest model. We look for better solutions

  • correctly stacked & ventilated

"the rack"

  • this a passion of ours 

  • temperature & power monitoring

  • already from reading this, you can feel that we are different 

  • numerous power options, to remove clunky power supplies

  • beautiful hard & elec copy of drawings

  • for every 10 degrees over 85'F, the life of the equipment is decreased by 40%

  • all manuals delivered to the crew

  • no code = difficult future upgrades and the integrator has the boat by the...

  • full system config & code delivered to the crew

  • word of mouth

  • Join the Yachtdoc family today

the proof

We strive to make every project something to remember us by and never to be forgotten...

  • we only recommend proven technologies


  • we know what you need as we have experience

We Are

  • let us take the load off you

  • With all of the above points, we make you look good

  • we listen to you

  • we discuss various options  with you

as designers, installers and support

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