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Koen J. van Zwol, MA


I can recommend Yachtdoc as competent engineers with thorough knowledge. Their pro-active attitude, sober demeanour and eagerness to stay updated and acquire new knowledge, make them a valuable contractor. 

They are presently formulating proposals for the implementation and improvement/upgrade of (the structure of) AVIT-systems during our planned major refit. I am very satisfied with the clarity and transparency he is able to present the pro’s and contra’s for specific choices of structural modifications and stability & redundancy of the vessels systems.

Having 10 years of yacht experience I have found them to be by far the most advanced and knowledgeable IT Technician / Engineer I have dealt with. His skills with our onboard systems such as Kerio, Cisco, Vsat and Kaleidescape are unquestionable and his ability to share his knowledge is much appreciated by all senior roles within the Vessel.

On numerous occasions, we have had urgent requests with system failures and faults within the network. They would always respond to my requests day, night or even while on holidays. As he always replies “I’m only a phone call away if you need me”.

Craig Weight


"Organizing our upcoming AV refit was a bit of a tall order to ask for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask the AV companies. An old colleague of mine, recommended to us Yachtdoc, so we contacted them. They assisted to go through the scope quotations and they answered all our questions, clearly in plain English. Yachtdoc provided us with everything we needed to know and more. It was easy to follow through with a clear decision. We would definitely hire them again and highly recommend them."

Matthew  Kayes

Phil Mosforth


"They have shown excellent project planning abilities and has been instrumental in keeping our major AV/IT refit moving in the right direction. They have an excellent work ethic in a difficult managerial environment. They are efficient and dependable and has a pleasant personality. I have no hesitation in recommending them as an AV/IT specialists."

"Their work ethic and character are of the highest order. During my time working with them, everything ran smoothly and their communication and coordination skills proved themselves many times. They have a keen mind and is able to consider matters in a clear and concise fashion. He has a calm, and friendly manner and both crew and management alike found him easy to get on with."

Lee Douglas


"Before our shipyard I was recommended by a friend to use Yachtdoc, to help assist improve our AV system …

They had some great ideas that he shared with management. Thankfully they listened to him, and it was a wise decision from them. Ryan from Yachtdoc is a calm and logical methodical manager that truly connected with the team during our refit. I can’t speak highly enough of Yachtdoc.


Adam Oosterman


Shaun Wild​


Yachtdoc sat down with us to breakdown all of the technical jargon in the quotations and explained it in plain English. He was totally clear about what we needed to achieve. And gave us the confidence to engage with a particular integrator to work with, this worked out so well. We asked Yachtdoc to take control and oversee the entire AV project. This was a great decision as he was the glue for the project. Unlike other project managers, I have worked with before there were no personality clashes as he is such an easy guy to work with who goes the extra mile."

Patrick Trethewey


"They have worked for me on board a few vessels and has continuously achieved the desired results. They are efficient and productive operators with the knowledge to suit the AV/IT industry afloat.

I can recommend them to any prospective client knowing that his past results speak for themselves and I will gladly have Them on board in the future.


"We are part of a fleet of yachts and they would provide assistance to the running and maintenance of other vessels with the fleet. They would regularly provide such aid, solutions and upgrades and repairs which bolstered their reputation within the fleet to be the go-to guys.


There is no questioning their skills in handling the AV/IT equipment. Aside from their ability as engineers, we found them to be polite respectful and honest people."

Brendan Courtney


Sean Feehan 


Sean Feehan 


I've know Ryan since 2012 and have worked with him on several occasions. I've always found him to be a no nonsense type of guy who gives solid advice that is well founded in reason. I've consulted him several times with a range of AV/IT problems/queries whilst working on boats from 80-115m, and he has always been eager to help and had a wealth of information. I would give him a reference as both a colleague and a shipmate any time.

Darren Leslie


"We called upon Yachtdoc to assist us during some AV upgrades. He was prompt and assisted us with all of the   hurdles onboard. We will not hesitate to call them again when we come to upgrade. Great job our"We called upon Yachtdoc to assist us during some AV upgrades. He was prompt and assisted us with all of the  technical hurdles onboard. We will not hesitate to call them again when we come to upgrade. Great job our decision was justified and more. Good job lads." decision was justified and more. Good job lads."


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