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We are a very small team who prides ourselves on being totally committed to attention to detail. We are called upon to act as a buffer and to provide guidance to superyacht Owners, Captains, Chief Engineer and ETO's.          


"How can we help?" Too often, this is missed, and companies feel the desire or the obligation to guess what customer needs, rather than carefully listening. We do the listening first, and then we start from there to see exactly what you desire. We can then design the map to a successful project. 


It's our responsibility to ensure a satisfactory outcome for the project. To assure the yacht what they expect, and to deliver the product or service on time at the agreed-upon price. 


We pride ourselves on having a great customer relationship. We believe, and we have experienced too many personalities getting in the way which leads to an unsuccessful project. It is our mission to provide you with a hands-on, friendly service who will always go the extra mile at any time of the day. We are on standby for your needs.


Being Ex ETO's the biggest frustration which is often overlooked. We provide the vessel with a soft and a beautiful hard copy of the entire new AV system, including manuals, drawings, contacts. To follow up with this, the yacht crew will receive a backup folder with all configurations and settings. We have nothing to hide or hold back from the clients. 

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